Renewable Energy Tweets!

Your task today is to create two fake tweets from two different sources of renewable energy using this website. Each tweet should contain a unique energy related user name, one of the real names below, the fake tweet that explains how the source creates energy, the date you created the tweet, and an energy related hashtag (i.e. #energyrules #soypower, #pleasenoclouds, etc). When creating your tweet make sure that you ONLY USE the real names that I have provided you. This app uses the real name to generate the pictures. If you use a different real name you may get a non relevant picture.

Real Names:

Water Energy =Water
Solar Energy =Sun
Biomass Energy = Biofuel
Wind Energy = Wind
Geothermal energy  = Geothermal energy   

An example of an advanced project.
What Twister looked like before I clicked submit.

After you have created your tweets, you will need to take  screen shots of your completed work and upload it to the appropriate folder in Google. When uploading your image, make sure that you name it “First Name Last Initial Cohort”. Images that do not follow this format will not be graded.

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