Properties of Arithmetic

Our class objective today is to be able to analyze scenarios and determine which student/teacher selected the correct answer. You will also be required to defend your position by using one of the mathematical properties that we learned about earlier in the week. We will be using the E-Book that we created early in the week as a resource to help us with our decision making.  7C will be using the E-Book that 7D created while 7D will be using the E-book that 7C created.

We will be split up into groups of eight groups of four. Before we start I will break you up into your groups and assign you your group’s iPad. Your group will be responsible for your iPad so please treat it and your classmates with respect. Make sure that everyone has a chance to participate and use the iPad at least once. The E-Books will already open in Safari but if for whatever reason you need to access them or would like to download them to have a copy for yourself, you can find them using the links below.

To complete our objective for today your group will need to complete this form.  Each question will ask your group to determine which person had the correct response. In addition to selecting the correct response you will also need to defend your position. In your justification you will need to include the name of the property you used. You will also need to identify the mistake that the teacher/student made. Each group will only have to submit this form once.

Below is an example of an advanced level justification.



Your group will be graded  using the rubric below.




Standards Covered: 

Algebra and Functions 1.4 Use algebraic terminology (e.g., variable, equation, term, coefficient, inequality, expression, constant) correctly.

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  1. Brandon .O 7D

    I learned how to solve Properties of Arithmetic problems with Mr.Bradford.With Aleks I Almost finished my tables.One thing that I want to improve on for next week is to finish my tables on Aleks.I improved on coming to school more and paying attention in class.My goal for next week is to do whatever Mr.Bradford will teach us.


    1. What did I learn this week with Mr. Bradford?
    This week whit Mr.Bradford I learn about commutative property associative property invers and all of this kind off stuffs I learn.
    2. What did I learn this week from Aleks?
    In aleks I learn about equivalent fractions my adition and hole numbers.
    3. What is one thing I want to improve on for next week?
    try to participate more in class next time that we have times work a lito bet more harder allthouge we were working hard.
    4. What is one thing I improved on this week?
    try understand my work in class trying to finish my HW in time.
    5. What is your goal for next week?
    try to work hard and try to finish my quick tables from alek.

  3. Noel S. 7C

    Well What I learned this week with Mr.Bradford was how to use Properties of Arithmetic, also Commutative and Associative Property
    Well what I learned in ALEKS, well what I’ve done, was to complete my addition quick tables.
    One thing I want to improve on this week, is to raise up my grade to a 4 or 5. I would also like to improve on my Arithmetic Problems. One thing I improved on this week was my Commutative and Associative Properties. My goal for next week is to, work really hard to earn a better grade in this class.

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