Photosynthesis Reading

Please take a few minutes today during science time today to read the following webpage about photosynthesis.  You will need to write down any 1-2 interesting pieces of information that you find as well as any 1-2 questions you may have about the reading. Please post your new information and questions in the comments below.

Make sure that you only use your first name, last initial, and cohort. If you use your first and last name your comment will not be approved and will not receive credit. All comments are due by the end of class.

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  1. Louis G. 7C

    One thing i learned that was interesting was that
    when the light reaction happends in the thylacoid
    membrainand convert light energy to chemicol energy.

    How long does the photosynthesis take to be process.

  2. Jesus C. 7C

    One thing I found interesting is that most plants put C02 directly into the calvin cycle. my question is why does this only happen in most plants. =) =( +{

  3. Laura H 7c

    One interesting thing that I found while I was reading was that there’s a chemical reaction involved in photosynthesis.WHY DOES PHOTOSYNTHESIS HAVE SUGAR?

  4. Andy M. 7C

    Today i learned in science the formula 6c02 + 6h2o(+ light energy) = question is why is this formula long?

  5. mrbradford

    For Samuel:

    I learned that Photosynthiesis is mainly in the plant leaves and mostly in the stem.One of the Questions I had while reading was…Why does Chlorophyll look green but absorbs red and blue light? That was one of my comments and one of my Questions!! :D

  6. mrbradford

    For George E 7C:

    Fun Fact:
    To find the overall chemical reaction of the photosynthesis of the plant is 6CO2 + 6H2O plus the light well ,make C6H12O6+6o2.
    Why does the upper and lower leaf doesn’t get chloroplast ?

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